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Here the links I love from around the web:

  1. For visitors and Instagram addicts you can now check out Denver’s popular sites via light-rail or check them out on bike.
  2. Want to check out the fall colors, not sure where to go? Here are Kentwood’s tips for the best drives just don’t forget your fall home maintenance.
  3. Amazon can save time and money on deciding where to building their second location. NYTimes made the decision for them. I have to agree. 
  4. Denver’s first #girlboss in wine. #slay 
  5. The city is currently reviewing options to assist people struggling with the lack of affordable housing. The Coloradan is doing their part by announcing 33 affordable units in Union Station. The latest market stats suggest the winds might be changing for sellers.

Have questions about the market? Is it a good time for you to buy? sell? Stop sitting on the fence and lets grab a coffee. No matter what the headlines say, the best time for you to get in the market is when the timing is right for you. 


Here the links I love from around the web:

  1. Nothing like spring cleaning on a snow day. Here are a few tips from Domino on what to edit out of your abode.
  2. Couldn’t agree more with this man. Emily and I can help you on the path of home ownership. Come visit us this Saturday at the office.
  3. Have you checked out the new foodie scene at the Dairy Block? Don’t worry, the lactose intolerant are still welcome.
  4. Emily and I, have both run into troubling inspections issues lately. Where if the homeowner, just maintained their home in the first place, they could have saved themselves hundreds of dollars and walked away with a little more money in their pocket. Don’t take our word for it, check these tips.
  5. Case-Shiller came out with their latest report. It is still good to be a seller. Thinking about moving up or downsizing? This might be the best time to do it. Come talk to us this Saturday, 4/1 from 10am-12.


Don't explore alone! I'm always game to check out a neighborhood. Contact me at Keri(at)

  1. In honor of #nationalpuppyday, make sure your backyard is puppy proof.
  2. City living isn’t for everyone. Checkout Denver’s top five growing suburbs.
  3. Much ado has been (rightfully) made about RiNo and Stanley Marketplace neighborhoods.But, have you heard of 40W? Once best known for Casa Bonita this area is becoming revitalized thanks to art.
  4. With Spring selling season just around the corner, make sure your home’s exterior is camera ready with these tips. Want my opinion on your home's value or projects you are considering doing? Don't hesitate to reach out. 


Here are some links for you to read while you are in line waiting for a beer and ignoring your drunk friends:

  1. In honor of St Patrick’s day check out all the ways the Irish have influenced Denver.
  2. Have you ever wondered about the door to nowhere at the Tattered Cover or the history of your own 'hood?
  3. I’m obsessed with the real estate in Big Little Lies.
  4. Why Denver doesn’t have houseboats as and alternative to housing. We might be getting our own small home village.


From St. Patrick's Day to new Aurora developments, here are my picks:

  1. Another new addition to the Denver Zoo... Not your average house cat.
  2. Get your Irish on starting Saturday.
  3. Time to start putting flowers in pots.
  4. Taking care of your house in spring.
  5. Yay for Stanley!


Happy #303 day! Links I love 303 addition:

  1. What makes Colorado Awesome 

  2. Cutest surprise baby ever. 

  3. What's more Colorado than beers, bikes and concerts? Get your fix in one place at a low price. 

  4. State leadership working together to court Outdoor Retailer show. 

  5. Hamilton is coming to Denver. #DCPA really out did themselves with the 2017-2018  line up.

Friday, February 24 2017

From Restaurant Week to Denver development, here are my picks:

  1. Need to decorate your AirBnb? Here is some inspiration straight from Paris.
    Denver's Airbnb laws got you down? Sell your Denver property and buy a property close to a commuter rail station.
  2. Denver's 70 degree weather had me dreaming of al fresco entertaining. The latest trend in backyard entertaining? Just start with your shed.
  3. From Golden Triangle to renovated shrine new looks coming all over Denver.
  4. Mmm, #restaurantweek. Still not sure where to dine? Or, not into the crowds? here is a list of un-Restaurant Week restaurants.
  5. Ready for another staycation?


Friday, February 17 2017

From practical to whimsical links from around the web: 

  1. Curious about the new hole in the ground in Cherry Creek North?
  2. Even dog lovers will fall for this kitty cat.
  3. Good news for Montbello.
  4. Would you try this at home?
  5. Yay!! Food trucks come to Riverfront Park.
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